What is Flex and Why is it Important...

I've received a number of recent inquiries regarding hockey stick flex and why it's so important for young players to use the correct flex.

Below is an example of how two of the NHL's  best goal scorers use "Flex" to create velocity on their shots.           

Why is the correct Flex so Important for Kids?

  • Young players tend to compensate for a stick that is too stiff by “flicking” the puck to try and lift it.
  • A player <110 lbs. needs to use a stick with the correct Flex so they can properly load their shot and use the whip of the stick to add velocity allowing them to also lift the puck in the air.

What do the Flex Numbers Mean on a Hockey Stick?

  • The Flex number is the measurement of the amount of force required to bend the stick 1 inch, i.e. a 20 Flex means it takes 20 pounds of force to bend the stick 1”.

Does Cutting Down a Stick Change the Flex?

  • Yes, cutting a stick can increase the flex (making it more difficult to flex) however our sticks are designed with that in mind. Each stick we sell comes in a different length making it much easier to cut the stick for your son or daughter without negatively impacting the flex. 
  • Generally, for each inch you cut off our sticks, the Flex will increase by 1 to 1.5. For example, if you purchase a 20 Flex stick and cut 3 inches from it, the new flex will be roughly between 23 and 24.5.    

How is the DILLY Hockey Stick Flex Measured?

  • All our sticks are manufactured to meet precise specifications with each batch of sticks tested to ensure 100% compliance.  

Use our easy to follow Flex Chart ( to help choose the correct stick and don’t forget to use code LAUNCH10 at checkout for 10% off your order!